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NHS website - Which travel vaccinations are free?

Which travel vaccinations are free?

Vaccinations for the following conditions are usually available free on the NHS:

These vaccines protect against diseases considered to be the greatest risk to public health if they were brought into the country.

Regardless of whether you have the vaccinations at your GP surgery or at a private travel clinic, you're likely to have to pay for the following vaccinations for overseas travel:

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If you're travelling to an area where malaria is a risk, you'll need to take antimalarial medication, which you can buy over the counter at a pharmacy.

If you're pregnant, ideally you should avoid travelling to an area like this. For more information, see Can I take malaria tablets if I'm pregnant?

Which travel vaccinations do I need?

You don't always need vaccinations if you're travelling abroad. It'll depend on where and when you're travelling and what activities you plan to do.

For up-to-date information on which vaccinations are recommended for different countries, see the following websites:

Where can I get travel vaccinations?

You can get travel vaccinations from:

  • your GP
  • the practice nurse at your GP surgery
  • a specialist travel clinic

If your GP can't provide the vaccinations you need, they should give you details of your nearest travel clinic.

Your GP may charge for some travel vaccinations, but the cost will usually be lower than at a private clinic.

Vaccination for yellow fever can only be given at an approved yellow fever vaccination centre.

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