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How quickly can I see a GP?

Most GP surgeries operate independently and have their own systems for booking appointments.

Your surgery should be able to offer you an appointment to see a GP or another healthcare professional quickly if you need it.

But you should also be able to book appointments in advance if this is more convenient.

If you no longer need your GP appointment or you're unable to attend, call the surgery to let them know so they can offer the appointment to someone else.

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Who will my appointment be with?

Ideally, your appointment will be with the GP of your choice. But if an appointment with that GP isn't available, the surgery can make arrangements for you to see someone else. An appointment with another GP at the surgery may be available.

Some surgeries also have links with other healthcare providers, such as local GP surgeries or NHS walk-in centres.

What if I can't get an appointment?

If you can't get an appointment or you're unhappy about the service given by your GP practice, the best thing to do first is to talk to someone, such as the practice manager.

If your concerns aren't resolved, you may want to make a formal complaint. All GP surgeries have a complaints procedure.

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