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What is a well woman clinic?

Many GP surgeries offer a well woman clinic, where you may be seen by a female doctor or practice nurse.

The well woman clinic will often provide advice on:

They may also provide emergency contraception.

You can also discuss your general health, and have your urine, weight, cholesterol and blood pressure checked.

Some local hospitals also run well woman clinics. To use these, you don't need a referral from your GP, and an appointment isn't always needed. Ask at your GP surgery for more information.

If neither your GP surgery nor local hospital runs a well woman clinic, many practice nurses are able to give breast awareness advice, carry out cervical screening tests, and provide information and advice about contraception and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Private health organisations also run well woman clinics. They carry out extensive health checks for a fee. You can find details of private health clinics online or in your local phone book.

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