Fitness to fly abroad and flying with a medical condition

Fitness to fly abroad and flying with a medical condition

Fit to fly travel certification is in the news because of Covid-19 but being deemed fit-to-fly actually covers myriad other medical conditions and has been a recognized GP and pharmaceutical service well before the advent of Coronavirus.  Anna Pharma can arrange a fit-to-fly appointment which includes a review of your current health conditions, an assessment of your medication and the appropriate levels to take with you when abroad, and a fit-to-fly certificate in conjunction with a GP plus, that all-important negative Covid-19 test.

What is fit to fly travel certification?

A fit to travel certificate is also called a fit to fly letter and it is a medical certificate written by a doctor to confirm your fitness to fly.  In recent times, being deemed fit to fly with certification must also be accompanied by a negative Covid-19 test.

Anna Pharma offer fully authorized fit-to-fly certificates signed by an NHS doctor with PCR Covid-19 testing.

Key points to consider on being cleared fit-to-fly with certification

The picture surrounding being fit to fly with certification can vary depending on your medical condition/health status, your airline, and your country of destination.  Here are some of the key factors to consider before you travel: –

  • The time window required by your airline and travel destination is normally expressed in hours
  • The day of the week your flight is departing because this can affect the available testing within the stipulated time window
  • Whether or not a fit to fly certificate is actually needed in addition to a negative Covid-19 PCR test

How long does a fit-to-fly certificate last?

This is never really clear, most authorities state that’s a fit-to-fly certificate is valid for ‘around the time of the flight’ therefore if your flight was delayed or rescheduled by a couple of days, then this probably wouldn’t make any difference.  However, do not expect a fit-to-fly certificate to still be accepted by an airline or border control weeks or months later.  If you have a long-term health condition then you may need a new fit to fly certificate every time you travel even if your condition remains unchanged.

Work with Anna Pharma, your trusted healthcare professionals who can conduct a full fit-to-fly assessment and medication review at one of our travel clinics.  Book a fit to fly travel appointment for professional healthcare advice and certification and go abroad with confidence.