Health Preventative Measures to Take Before Traveling

Health Preventative Measures to Take Before Traveling

Before you travel abroad, let Anna Pharmacy check your health status, appropriate vaccinations for your destination and whether or not you need to adjust or supplement any prescribed medication at our travel and health clinic. We also offer advice on illnesses that may be relevant to your travel plans and can assess to see whether you are fit to fly.

Travel and health

For most people, there are two primary concerns when they travel internationally and these are:-

  • Management of current medical conditions, access to medication and any limitation on health care
  • Diseases which they could contract in their destination country and whether they require vaccination

Anna Pharmacy can put your mind at rest and discuss your travel plans in the context of any pre-existing health conditions. This can include the impact of travel and travel illnesses, the climate in your destination country and any additional healthcare steps you may need to take.

We are on track with all the latest protocols on vaccinations and can advise on and administer relevant immunisations. We also check your health status for any gaps in your childhood vaccinations like MMR which may be relevant to your destination country.

What is fit to fly?

A fit to fly certificate is a letter or medical certificate written by a doctor which confirms that you are fit for airline travel.

There are a number of different illnesses and disease which can trigger this requirement although fit to fly certificates have become very prominent since the global pandemic.

The type of illnesses which may require a fit to fly certificate are an unstable medical condition like a heart condition. Asthma and COPD do not require a fit to fly certificate providing they are stable and that the appropriate medication is available in the aircraft cabin.

Sometimes there are flight restrictions post surgery; this will depend upon the type of surgery – keyhole or more invasive – and the airline’s policy.

The situation with regard to Covid-19 is a constantly changing picture so always check government advice and the requirements of your destination country before you travel.

Let Anna Pharmacy manage all your travel and health needs including vaccination protocols, travel illnesses and whether or not you are fit to fly.