How to Pass Your Fit to Fly PCR Test with Ease?  

How to Pass Your Fit to Fly PCR Test with Ease?  

As the world transitions to the new normal after the strict lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more countries can now welcome travellers from abroad. Because of this, you can start visiting family and friends from other countries and have your much-needed holiday in exotic destinations. But since the pandemic remains far from over, some countries require a negative COVID 19 PCR test result before you can enter their borders.

What Countries Require a Fit to Fly PCR Tests?

Visitor arrival rules frequently change, depending on the current state of infection in different countries. You can get the latest information by checking the FCDO foreign travel advice. It will tell you which countries require a negative COVID 19 test before the visitor’s arrival.

You must also know the type of test your planned destination accepts before you take the test.

How Soon Should You Take the COVID 19 Test?

Airlines usually only accept proof of a negative COVID 19 test result 72 hours before the flight. Thus, the Fit to fly certificate is valid for a short time.

However, the validity of the test varies according to airlines and country. Therefore, it would be best to talk to your airline or travel agent to check for their latest rules regarding the Fit to fly tests and certificates.

How to Get a Passing Fit to Fly PCR Test Result?

You must not have contracted the virus before the test to ensure that your PCR test will come out with a negative result.

You can also use a Covid 19 antigen test kit to check if you have the virus. You may either do the test yourself or type in “Covid 19 antigen test near me” on your search engine browser to look for a facility that offers the service.

Since the NHS no longer provides free COVID 19 tests, you must prepare to pay for the COVID 19 antigen test cost. Once you pay for the service, your GP or practice nurse will explain the COVID 19 antigen test procedure to get the best results.

Where to Take the COVID 19 PCR Tests?

You may call your GP or a private travel clinic to inquire about their COVID 19 PCR tests. They can provide the results within 24 hours after taking the test. Some clinics may require you to present your passport to get your Fit to fly certificate during your appointment.