Flu treatment

Flu and other respiratory illnesses have a lot in common with Covid-19. Flu symptoms can be remarkably similar and so it is easy to confuse one illness with another. Protection against these viruses is also alike so it is worth embarking on a seasonal program of defense against coughs, colds, flu, and Covid.  Anna Pharmacy can offer advice on vaccinations and also appropriate medication for those suffering from the unpleasant symptoms of respiratory viruses. Flu symptoms
Flu symptoms include a dry cough, headache, muscle aches, runny nose, and a fever. Many of these symptoms are common to Covid-19 so the only way to distinguish the two diseases is with Covid testing.

5 ways to protect yourself from flu and other respiratory illnesses

  • Get vaccinated – have both the Covid vaccination and the flu vaccination following the latest medical advice. There are different strains of both illnesses emerging all the time so annual vaccinations are recommended for flu and Covid vaccinations and boosters in line with the government’s current protocol. It is particularly important that people with immunosuppression problems or who live with someone vulnerable have these vaccinations
  • Wash your hands regularly – this is the advice with Covid-19 but it applies to all types of respiratory viruses. Use soap and running water and if you are out and about, then carry an alcohol-based antibacterial hand gel
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth – facial orifices are the most common point of entry for most germs. This was also advice given during the height of the pandemic to help protect against respiratory illnesses due to covid
  • Avoid people who are unwell – viruses spread through tiny water droplets which are shed when a sick person coughs or sneezes. It is particularly easy to catch a respiratory virus in a large, crowded place like a train station. Try and avoid locations like this or take extra precautions if you do need to use them
  • Isolate – if you are sick then stay at home and isolate. Mixing with other people keeps these viruses in circulation and can seriously impact the health of elderly and vulnerable people

Anna Pharmacy can offer advice on how to protect yourself from respiratory illnesses plus managing symptoms and also the breathing problems which can linger after covid-19. Talk to the best-trusted pharmacy professionals.