What is sexual health?

 Sexual health encompasses freedom from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) as well as a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. This involves the ability to have healthy relationships as well as pleasureable and safe sexual experiences that are free of coercion, discrimination or violence.

Sexual Health

Why is sexual health important?

Being free from STI’s, the ability to choose your sexuality and to be able to assert healthy boundaries whilst preventing unplanned pregnancies is one of the biggest parts of life. Humans are naturally sexual creatures and it is important to be able to enjoy this aspect of life in the healthiest and most positive of ways.

How can I ensure my sexual health is cared for?

Caring for your sexual health can be assured if you are active in ensuring that it is cared for. You can: 

  • Make sure you communicate with your partner 
  • Use contraception to be sure you don’t have unplanned pregnancies
  • Use protection to decrease the possibilities of STI’s if and when necessary
  • Get regular STI testing 
  • Be aware of risks and vulnerabilities including drugs and alcohol 
  • Be discerning as to sexual partners 
  • Do not overlap sexual partners

Where can I pursue positive sexual health?

Sexual health clinics and professionals offer a number of services that support your sexual health. This can be counselling services, STI testing, information on birth control, and sign posting. Sexual health includes being able to access support services such as domestic abuse support services and mental health services should you need it.

 Anna Pharmacy now offers sexual health services at our sexual health clinics in Hackbridge, Croydon, Sutton and Carshalton. Our discreet and compassionate professionals will assist you in establishing or maintaining healthy sexual relationships, even increasing your sexual health awareness.

Sexual Health