Do Anaemic People Take Iron Supplements for The Rest of Their Lives? 

Do Anaemic People Take Iron Supplements for The Rest of Their Lives? 

Have you felt overly exhausted recently? Do you find it hard to make it up the stairs without getting winded even though you’re physically fit? If so, it’s possible that you may have low iron levels which can cause iron anaemia– especially if you’re a woman. You can take simple iron anaemia blood test at your local pharmacy, such as Anna Pharmacy in South London, to determine if you are iron anaemic.

The good news is that iron levels can be increased with iron supplements and a change in diet to include more iron-rich foods. Iron supplements only need to be taken temporarily to improve and stabilize your iron levels.

Let’s look at why iron is so important for your health, what can happen if you have low iron levels, and when you need to take an iron supplement to combat iron anaemia.

What is Iron-Deficiency Anaemia?

Iron deficiency anaemia occurs when you don’t have enough iron in your body.

Possible causes of low iron levels:

·         Blood loss

·         Issues with absorbing iron

·         Not getting enough daily iron nutrients in your diet

Symptoms of Iron-Deficiency Anaemia

Common symptoms of iron-deficiency anaemia:

·         Fatigue

·         Pale skin.

·         Difficulty breathing.

·         Chest pain.

·         Fast heartbeat.

·         Dizziness.

·         Headache.

·         Feeling cold

·         Infections due to a weakened immune system.

·         Craving unusual items such as ice or dirt.

·         Restless legs.

How is Anaemia Treated?

Depending on the cause of iron-deficiency anaemia, your treatment will vary. Your healthcare provider may recommend eating food:

·         Eating foods high in iron

·         Iron supplements such as ferrous sulphate

·         Iron IV (intravenous) treatments

What Are Iron Supplements?

The benefit of an oral iron supplement is it treats your symptoms of iron-deficiency anaemia by increasing the levels of haemoglobin and iron in your body.

How long will I have to take an iron supplement?

Blood counts of iron levels generally return to normal after 2 months of iron therapy for most people. However, once your iron and haemoglobin levels get back to normal, you may still need to continue the iron supplement for another six to twelve months and take intermittent blood tests to monitor your iron level.

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