Everything you Need to Know About the Fit to Fly Certificate

Everything you Need to Know About the Fit to Fly Certificate

Even during the pandemic, many still travel to different parts of the world. Ever since some countries eased their lockdowns, people have started planning trips to other cities or countries to enjoy time with friends or families once again.

However, you cannot easily get a plane ticket without getting a fit to fly certificate. This certificate is required at airports. It is an assurance that travelers do not have the highly infectious Covid-19. If you need help with getting your fit to fly certificate, you can visit our clinic and get our Fit to Fly Covid Test.

Why You Need to Get Tested

The main reason why you need the certificate is to signify that you do not have any symptoms related to Covid-19. In most cases, you will need to do the rapid antigen or PCR test 72 hours before departure. However, the 72 hours will change depending on which place you will be going to.

If you need to get tested for Covid-19, you should get our Fit to Fly Covid Test in Carshalton. We have trained medical staff that can test you quickly and efficiently.

How to Get a Fit to Fly Certificate

After getting our Fit to Fly Covid test UK, you will also need to fulfill other requirements like healthcare experts listening to your lungs. You can find a Passport Health facility in your airport to get the service, but you can always drop by Anna Pharmacy to get yourself checked and approved of the certificate.

Who Will Need the Fit to Fly Certificate

As long as you travel to another city or country by plane, you will be required to get the fit to fly certificate. Before you are permitted to board the plane, airport personnel will need to see your certificate that signifies you have tested negative for Covid-19. But if you are lucky enough, your airport might not require you to get the certificate, especially if you are traveling to a nearby city.

Even if your airport does not require Fit to Fly Certificates, it is still ideal to get one because you will never know if the other airport will ask it from you or if they might change their flying protocols. Anna Pharmacy is always ready when you need the Covid-19 tests right away.