Is Your Trip to The Country Safe If You Don’t Get Vaccinated?

Is Your Trip to The Country Safe If You Don’t Get Vaccinated?

Travel Safety Tips for the Unvaccinated

While getting vaccinated is strongly advised by the NHS, unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for vaccination. So, are we allowed to travel even when unvaccinated? And would it be safe to do so? Read on and find the answers below:

The Unvaccinated – Who Are They?

Included in this minority are individuals undergoing cancer treatment or have weak immune systems due to illness, those who experienced anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction to the first dose of the vaccine, and those who have a severe allergic reaction to any of the vaccine’s ingredients as declared by the manufacturers.

  • The good news is you can travel even when unvaccinated, with the condition that travellers over the age of 12 must bring a negative fit to fly covid test result taken not more than 48 hours before departure for the UK. Therefore, ensure to secure a test kit registered under your name and strictly follow the instructions on the label before packing your bags.
  • UK residents and citizens coming home from prohibited countries within ten days before departure must book into a quarantine hotel package for at least ten nights, including two Covid-19 tests. So, it is essential to know about this wrinkle in your otherwise perfect itinerary to come mentally prepared.
  • If you will be departing from the UK or will travel through the UK and to another country, check with your preferred destination for specific entry requirements. After all, each country has particular testing requirements, quarantine, and self-isolation rules. Contact your airlines for accurate travel guidelines.

Travel Considerations

If you plan to travel anytime soon, there are some things you must know to keep your itinerary smooth and hassle-free.

Following Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Even the vaccinated are not safe from the virus; thus, each of us, regardless of vaccination status, must stay vigilant and religiously stick to basic health protocols as follows:

  • Observe proper hand washing.
  • Always bring a hand sanitiser with 60% to 95% alcohol content for emergencies when washing with soap and running and water is impossible.
  • Observe social distancing. Avoid crowded, enclosed places. If you must meet someone, do so outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.
  • Suppose you suspect Covid -19 symptoms, self-isolate and purchase a rapid antigen test. Follow the instructions to the tee and post on the same day.