Know The Facts About the Antigen Swab Test

Know The Facts About the Antigen Swab Test

If you need to know quickly whether you have contracted coronavirus (COVID-19), you may be wondering which COVID-19 test you should take. For fast results, the Antigen Swab Test is a popular choice. The Antigen Swab Test is often considered a “first line of defense” COVID-19 test because of how easily and quickly it works in determining if a patient is currently infected or not.

How Does the Antigen Swab Test Work?

The COVID-19 Antigen Swab Test works by identifying whether there are coronavirus proteins present in the mouth or in the throat. The most common way to take the test is by having a swab of the back of the nose and throat taken, although there are some tests that use saliva.

The swab is then checked for specific antigens and proteins that are found in the COVID-19 virus. They work similarly to pregnancy tests in that the sample is mixed with a solution that is then applied to a paper strip. A positive result is indicated by a dark band or glow that appears on the paper strip.

Antigen Swab Test vs PCR Test

The Antigen Swab Test works much faster than the PCR test. Results are usually available within 15 to 30 minutes of taking it so you will know right away if you are infected with COVID-19.

One drawback to the Antigen Swab Test is that it is not as accurate as of the PCR test because a higher viral load is required for a positive test result. This means that occasionally those in the earlier or later stages of COVID-19 may get false negatives. If you have symptoms and receive a negative result, for your own peace of mind it may be worth getting a PCR test to confirm

Antigen Swab Tests are an ideal diagnostic tool for those who need to know right away whether or not they have COVID-19. They are also useful in emergency settings, such as in hospitals, where it is essential to know whether someone has COVID-19.

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