The Cholera Vaccine: Oral vs. Injectable – Which is Right for You?

The Cholera Vaccine: Oral vs. Injectable – Which is Right for You?

Cholera is a bacterial disease caused by the Vibrio cholerae bacteria that affects your digestive system and can cause severe watery diarrhoea that quickly leads to dehydration which is fatal in many cases. Cholera is most common in Asia and Africa. Every year, it is estimated that there are nearly 1-4 million cases of Cholera and as many as 143,000 deaths. The cholera vaccination is the most effective way to prevent it. For travellers visiting high-risk countries, the best form of protection from cholera is getting the cholera vaccination in Wallington at Anna Pharmacy.

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Get the Cholera Vaccination in Wallington at Anna Pharmacy

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We offer the oral cholera vaccination in Wallington, Sutton, Hackbridge, and Croydon, as well as at our other branches in South London. Currently, the cholera vaccination is only available to take orally and is not available as an injection. The vaccine is administered in liquid form that is to be drunk. Since you don’t have to decide between oral or injection vaccines, it makes getting the vaccine much easier – no decisions to make!

Who Should Get the Cholera Vaccination in Wallington?

While there is a vaccine for cholera, most people do not need it. The cholera vaccination is usually only recommended if you are:

  • travelling to an area where cholera cases are common, and you’ll be visiting remote places without access to proper medical care.
  • you’re working as an aid or disaster relief worker in an area where cholera is common.

How Is the Oral Cholera Vaccine Administered?

The oral vaccine is given as a drink in 2 separate doses that are given 1 to 6 weeks apart. It can provide protection for up to 2 years. For maximum protection, you should have had both doses at least a week before travelling.

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