Types of Vaccinations You Should Consider Whilst Traveling Abroad in 2021

Types of Vaccinations You Should Consider Whilst Traveling Abroad in 2021

After several months of being stuck at home, several countries have already eased their lockdowns and made it possible to travel again. Even with the pandemic, people can now visit other countries as governments have eased travel restrictions. Aside from Covid-19, there are other viruses that people should worry about.

If you plan on traveling to another country this year, you need to learn about the different vaccines you may need because of the type of virus you may encounter in a specific country. It is not uncommon for travelers to get infected with a deadly virus when on a trip. However, this can be avoided if you get vaccinated at our Travel Clinic.

Cholera Vaccination

The first type of vaccination you need to know about is for cholera. Most of the time, it is recommended you get the cholera vaccination if you are an aid worker and have limited access to medical resources and services.

Cholera is most common in regions of the world with substandard water hygiene and sanitation, such as

  • South and Southeast Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Middle East
  • The Caribbean and Central America

You can take the vaccine in our Travel Clinic in Carshalton in the form of a drink in two individual doses, which you need to take one to six weeks apart. Children aging from two to six years old also need to take the third dose in one to six weeks, but only after the second dose. Lastly, you need to take the last dose of the cholera vaccine one week before traveling.

Hepatitis A

Another type you need to take is the hepatitis A vaccine, and it is required for traveling to countries that have poor hygiene and sanitation and where hepatitis A is prevalent. Examples of places that have hepatitis A are:

  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Central & South America

When you visit our Travel Clinic in Sutton, we usually give it as a single initial injection. After that, we provide the second dose after 6 to 12 months. You can find that both doses can protect your body from hepatitis A for 20 years. What is great about the hepatitis A vaccine is you can get it at our Travel Vaccination Clinic a day before your flight.

Anna Pharmacy can provide specific vaccinations if you plan on traveling to different countries or places. If you need to get vaccinated, you can set up a Travel Vaccination appointment with us.