Typhoid Vaccination for Kids: Protecting the Youngest Travellers

Typhoid Vaccination for Kids: Protecting the Youngest Travellers

Vaccination against typhoid fever is highly recommended for children and adults who will be travelling and spending time in parts of the world where typhoid is still common. If you are travelling with young kids, you’ll want to make sure to protect the youngest travellers in your group. They can be at a higher risk of getting infected. Anna Pharmacy Travel Clinic offers the typhoid vaccination in Croydon as our other South London locations.

Schedule a pre-travelconsultation and typhoid vaccination in Croydon for your whole family to ensure that everyone has the protection they need to prevent illness.

Available Typhoid Vaccinations in Croydon at Anna Pharmacy Travel Clinic

In the UK, the 2 main vaccines available to prevent typhoid fever are the:

·         Vi vaccine – administered as a single injection.

·         Ty21a vaccine – administered as 3 capsules taken every other day.

While the typhoid vaccine is highly effective at preventing typhoid, it’s important to note that neither typhoid vaccine is 100% effective, so you should always take precautions when eating food and drinking water abroad to avoid contamination.

Ideally, he typhoid vaccination should be taken at least 1 month prior to travelling. Booster vaccinations are recommended every 3 years if you continue to live, work, or travel in high-risk areas.

Is the Typhoid Vaccination Safe for Kids?

The Ty21a oral vaccination isn’t recommended for kids under the age of 5, but the Vi injectable vaccine is suitable for kids 2 years of age and above.

What is Typhoid?

Typhoid fever (aka enteric fever) is caused by the salmonella bacteria. You get typhoid by eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water. It infects your small intestines, causing a high fever, stomach pain, diarrhoea, and other symptoms. Typhoid fever is typically found in the rural areas of developing countries where modern sanitation facilities are not available. Children are more likely to get typhoid than adults which is why it’s vital to get young kids to get the typhoid vaccination in Croydon at Anna Pharmacy Travel Clinic.

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