It’s not “just” the flu

This winter there’s not just the regular risk of the flu but coronavirus is still very active in the community. Flu symptoms usually cause mild illness in most people but there are some who are more likely to develop serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia, leading to around 11,000 people each year on average dying in England.

At Anna Pharmacy we offer flu jabs in store to anyone over the age of 12. If you’re someone who doesn’t pay for your flu jab, such as  if you’re pregnant, work with immunocompromised individuals, over the age of 50, or have a medical condition, then your jab will be completely FREE funded by the NHS.

If you’re not sure whether you need the flu vaccine this year then consider these benefits.

The Flu Vaccine:

  • Provides the best protection against the flu
  • If you catch the flu after getting the vaccine, your symptoms will be considerably milder
  • Helps to protect your loved ones and those around you who may not be able to get vaccinated
  • Will prevent you getting seriously ill if you happen to catch COVID-19 at the same time
  • Protects you from this years strain of the flu

The arrival of flu season is always the very best time to speak to us, your local pharmacy. Not only can we provide advice and flu vaccinations, we also can provide any other winter illness remedies to ensure you stay as safe and healthy as possible.

Our flu vaccinations cover Carshalton, Sutton, Hackbridge, Wallington, and Croydon.

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