What are the Different Types of Covid-19 Tests?

What are the Different Types of Covid-19 Tests?

Due to the sudden rise in Covid-19 cases, many are scared to do the normal things they used to do when things were still considered “normal.” Back then, you can go to a store and touch any product you like without fear. Nowadays, going to enclosed public area increases your chance of getting infected with the virus.

Determining if you have the virus or not is difficult. It is the reason why you should visit our clinic and get our Rapid Antigen Test services to detect the virus. You should know that we already had hundreds of people come into our clinic and get Covid-19 tests. You can find that there are two methods that we utilize to test patients for Covid-19.

PCR Tests

PCR or polymerase chain reaction is one of the methods we use. It works by rapidly making billions of copies of a certain DNA sample, which allows us to use a tiny DNA sample and enlarge it so we can study it in detail. Usually, we offer our PCR test in Carshalton to people who already have the symptoms and would want to confirm if they do have the virus.

Rapid Lateral Flow Tests

If you are not experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, but you would still want to get checked, we also provide a rapid lateral flow test. What is great about this method is you can get your results within 30 minutes. You can simply drop by our center for Rapid Antigen Test in Carshalton and you will have your if you are Covid-19 positive or negative in no time.

How to Determine Covid-19 Symptoms

If you start feeling sick, there is no need to panic, because they may or may not be symptoms of Covid-19. The symptoms of Covid-19 include

  • High body temperature
  • Continuous coughing
  • Loss of taste or smell

Once you have any one of these symptoms, do not hesitate to have a PCR Test in Sutton. It would be best to keep yourself isolated right away when you feel that you have the symptoms to prevent the spread of the virus.

Even if you do not have any symptoms, you should still get our Rapid Antigen Test in Carshalton. We are always ready to help our clients who are in need of answers.