Why Fit to Fly Certificates are Necessary for Travelling?

Why Fit to Fly Certificates are Necessary for Travelling?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic around the world, the UK government implemented travel restrictions all over the country. Citizens can only go on an international trip if they have a valid reason, especially in countries with high COVID-19 cases.

While the latest updates revealed that the government would permit holiday travels to countries under the “Green List,” a Fit to Fly Covid Test remains a major requirement before flying out of the UK.

What is a Fit To Fly Certificate?
A GP usually provides the standard Fit to Fly Certificates in the UK to prove that you are physically well for travelling. Obtaining one means the healthcare practitioner assessed all your pre-existing health conditions and determined that flying will not affect your condition.

However, the COVID-19 Fit to Fly certificate is only given to travellers who had a negative RT PCR Swab Test result. You must do the Fit to Fly Covid Test before the flight. Some airlines require their passengers to take a test 96 hours before departure, while others ask for tests taken 48 hours before arriving at your destination.

Why Get Fit To Fly Certificate?

There are various travel restrictions within the different parts of the UK. In England, only those who need to travel internationally for work and medical treatments can get Fit to Fly Covid Test UK to get their certificate. International travel restrictions are also implemented in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Where To Get Fit To Fly Certificates?

Private clinics and GPs can provide the necessary travel requirement. Fit to Fly Covid Test in Carshalton can be obtained in South London, while clinics that provide Fit to Fly Covid Test in Sutton is the best location for those in Outer London.

How To Take The Test And Get Certificate Before The Flight?

After ordering your COVID-19 test kit, the clinic will send it by special delivery through post. The kit often contains all the necessary items to get your samples accurately. It will also include a tracked, postage-paid return envelope that you must use to give the sample back to the lab.

You are required to collect your sample and post it directly to your chosen private laboratory one day before the time window starts. For example, those who need to get their certificates three days before the flight must send their sample to the laboratory four days before boarding the plane.

Getting your COVID-19 Fit To Fly Certificate is a must when flying out of the UK. You must also follow the existing rules and regulations in your destination to help avoid contracting the virus.