How long does it take to get Coronavirus test results?

How long does it take to get Coronavirus test results?

How long it takes to get Covid-19test results tends to depend on two factors, firstly the type of Covid-19test you are taking and secondly where the test is being taken.  Anna Pharmacy offer the very reliable RT-PCR testwith results available in different time frames depending on which service you opt for.

For most people looking for Covid-19 testing, time is usually of the essence so the difficulties they encounter often include availability of free appointments with the NHS and how long it takes to get a Covid-19 test resultNHS appointments are free but can involve you travelling some distance to get the best availability and then the results of a RT-PCR test can take 72 hours to come through meaning you might have to self-isolate or change work or travel plans.

Anna Pharma offer three different levels of RT-PCR testsfor Covid-19 with the longest turnaround time midnight the following day and the shortest results available within five hours.

What is an antigen test?

An antigen test or lateral flow test looks like the way to go if you want a quick result for a Covid-19as these are self-administered and you can read the result on the stick, a bit like a pregnancy test.  However, it is important to bear in mind that lateral flow tests or antigen tests are not nearly as accurate as an RT-PCR tests.

What to think about before you book a Covid-19 test?

  • If you have the test on a Friday, does the suggested timeframe for the results include the weekend or does the time start running from Monday?  This can depend on whether you are using an NHS test or a private lab
  • It is usually quicker to find an appointment with a private healthcare provider than via the NHS

Contact Anna Pharma for quick RT-PCR testsfor Covid-19and even quicker results with a FastTrack service that takes 4-5 hours, for complete peace of mind and freedom to travel or get on with your daily life.