Don’t repeat RT-PCR tests on those tested positive for COVID-19

Don’t repeat RT-PCR tests on those tested positive for COVID-19

RT-PCR tests are the gold standard in Covid-19 testing.  Also known as molecular tests, the RT-PCR test is currently the most reliable Covid test and the most available.  Anna Pharma offers the RT-PCR test at our dispensing outlets with results available quickly and up-to-date advice to help you follow the latest UK government protocols.  

There is sometimes quite a lot of confusion surrounding Covid-19 testing because there is also another test called a lateral flow test in addition to the RT-PCR test. The RT-PCR test is generally considered by the medical profession and healthcare workers to be the most reliable of the two tests and so there is no need to repeat an RT-PCR test if you have already been tested and received a Covid-19 positive report.  This is unlikely to be inaccurate and has given a false result.  Repeating the test only overloads an already very busy testing system particularly at a point in time when we are heading into the autumn and winter and when infection rates are expected to rise.

Is there a time window when the RT-PCR test is at its most accurate?

The RT-PCR test is at its most accurate when conducted 5-7 days after the patient has become infected; this sounds easy to ascertain but is not always as some people have very mild symptoms which can be confused with a seasonal cold or, no real symptoms at all.

Can an RT-PCR test ascertain whether a patient has had Covid-19 in the past?

PCR tests are diagnostic tests so their remit is to diagnose whether a person is currently suffering from Covid-19.  In order to determine whether a patient has previously contracted Covid-19, it is necessary to take an antibody test which is a different type of test. This will detect the signs of a previous Covid-19 infection.

Find out everything you need to know about the current situation with regard to infection and testing for Covid-19 at Anna Pharma, your friendly and professional healthcare partner.  We can advise on which is the best Covid-19 test for you and offer readily available appointments for RT-PCR tests with quick results.