Dengue Fever
Where can we find a protocol regarding dengue virus infection on the primary cell line?

Efficient and accurate diagnosis of dengue infection is essential for correct clinical care. Dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes in certain parts of the world, mainly the Americas, Asia and the Caribbean. Anna Pharmacy offer up-to-date advice on protection from dengue fever as there is no specific treatment or available vaccine to safeguard travellers.

Protocols for Dengue Virus infection

Accurate diagnosis is essential for correct clinical care. For most people, Dengue infection is mild and passes after about a week but, for some sufferers, it can be very serious and potentially life threatening.

Contact your local doctor or the NHS direct if you suspect you have been infected with Dengue Fever following a foreign trip.

Cell culture is the most widely used method for dengue virus isolation. Clinical diagnosis will identify Dengue Fever distinct from other diseases with similar symptoms like fever, headache, vomiting and muscle pain and soreness.

After the onset of the illness, the virus can be detected in serum, plasma, circulating blood cells and other tissues in the body for around 4-5 days.

In people who have not been infected before or who have not received a vaccine for other conditions like Japanese Encephaltitis or Yellow Fever (flavivirus vaccines), patients develop a primary antibody response characterised by a slow increase in specific antibodies. These antibodies are detectable in 50% of patients by days 3-5 after onset of the illness increasing to 80% by day 5 and 99% by day 10.

Protection against Dengue Fever

There are four types of Dengue Fever virus so it is possible to contract the infection more than once if you are exposed to a different strain of the virus.

Protection against biting mosquitoes is essential in order to avoid or minmise the risk of contracting Dengue Fever. Not every mosquitoe transmits Dengue after biting but the varities that do are usually the most active in the early morning or at dusk.

Take steps to stay indoors at these times. Cover up with loose clothing and use mosquitoe repellents for the body as well as products for your accommodation and mosquito nets.

Anna Pharmacy provide a health guide on dengue protection for people travelling to those parts of the world where dengue infection is endemic. Staying safe from mosquitoes is essential and our experienced pharmacy staff can guide you in the correct measures to mimise the risk of contracting Dengue Fever.