Cholera Facts: Everything You Need To Know

Cholera Facts: Everything You Need To Know

Cholera is a water-borne infection brought by the bacterium called Vibrio cholera serogroups 01 and 0139 that can result in severe diarrhoea. It can be detected if you take a Cholera test.

In 1831 and 1832, 32,000 people in Britain died due to the cholera outbreak. But it has become uncommon in the UK today. However, you may still be at risk of contracting the disease if you travel to countries with reported Cholera cases. So if you plan to travel abroad, you may consider getting the Cholera vaccine before your flight.

You can get vaccinated by visiting your GP or the nearest pharmacy in your area. But before you get your Cholera vaccine in Carshalton or schedule your Cholera vaccine in Sutton, here is the most crucial information you need to keep in mind.

What Puts You at Risk of Contracting Cholera?

Suppose you fail to get your Cholera vaccine in Hackbridge or schedule your Cholera vaccine in Wallington before your upcoming flight to some countries in Asia or Africa. In that case, you may expose yourself to the disease if you do the following:

  • Drink water from unclean sources
  • Eat food (especially shellfish) that came from contaminated water
  • Eat food prepared by an infected person

You may also put yourself at risk if you visit a country without an adequate clean water supply or places with no modern sewage system. So if you want the best way to avoid getting infected, you must include the schedule for the Cholera vaccine in Croydon or anywhere near you before your trip.

How to Prevent Cholera During Your Trip?

The ideal way to avoid Cholera is to practice good hygiene anywhere you go consistently.

It is also essential to do the following practices:

  • Regular hand washing using soap and verified clean water, especially before meal preparations, eating, and after getting out of the toilet
  • Drink water from clean sources or ensure that the water is boiled or bottled
  • Use boiled or bottled water every time you brush your teeth

You also need to avoid doing the following to reduce your chances of getting infected with Cholera:

  • Eat raw food like fruits and vegetables that you did not wash with boiled or bottled water
  • Eat food you did not prepare yourself
  • Eat seafood or shellfish from unclean water sources
  • Put ice on your drinks or eat frozen treats

If you suspect that you have Cholera as soon as you return to the UK, you may schedule your Cholera test in Croydon and get your Cholera test in Carshalton for confirmation. Your GP or pharmacist will recommend the best treatment to manage the disease.