How Rapid Covid Test Can Help You Predict If You Are at Risk for A Heart Attack?  

How Rapid Covid Test Can Help You Predict If You Are at Risk for A Heart Attack?  

A simple Rapid Covid Test can identify if you have Covid-19. Knowing that you have Covid-19 can give you the heads up to monitor yourself post-Covid, thus giving you the knowledge of whether or not you could be prone to heart damage.  

The Coronavirus primarily targets the respiratory system, however recent studies have shown that Covid-19 can also damage other important organs such as the heart, brain, and kidney.  

In the UK we have seen that the recovery from Covid-19 without long-term side effects is definitely possible. However, some individuals have experienced long-term and even permanent damage as a result of the Coronavirus infection. Studies in the UK have indicated that one such side effect of Covid-19 is heart damage which could lead to heart attack. 

Since symptoms of the common cold and the flu are so similar to those of Covid-19, when the first traces of sore throat, sneezing, or cough start – it’s important to determine if you have Covid-19, a cold, or the flu.  

What if I have Covid-19?   

Firstly, you need to isolate yourself to prevent the spread of the virus to others.  

Second, take care of yourself and your symptoms to ensure they don’t become serious. Rest and the appropriate medications to treat symptoms are your best treatment.  

Lastly, continue to monitor yourself after you’ve recovered from Covid-19 to make sure you don’t have any long-term conditions such as heart damage which can lead to heart attack, as well as other issues your GP may tell you to watch for.  

How does COVID-19 infection affect the heart? 

If Covid-recovered people experience palpitations, breathlessness, swelling of the legs, or prolonged fatigue, it is advisable to consult with your GP or a Cardiologist to get a heart scan to check for any Covid-related cardiac injury. 

In most cases, the damage caused Covid-19 to the heart or other vital organs is usually temporary. However, some people may suffer from long-lasting heart damage post-Covid 19 recovery. It was also found that previously healthy individuals have reported heart problems after recovering from Covid-19.  

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