The Link Between Men’s Health and Blood Testing: International Men’s Day Insights.

The Link Between Men’s Health and Blood Testing: International Men’s Day Insights.

Each year, on November 19th, the world rallies together to campaign for International Men’s Day to bring awareness and raise money for men’s health and well-being issues. This includes men’s mental wellness, prostate cancer, and how the role of masculinity and being a man impacts your life. Statistically, men find it harder to ask for help for a variety of reasons, and the month of November (aka Movember) is a time when all of these concerns are addressed publicly in the UK through campaigns, lectures, special events, and more.

Movember is meant to empower men to take care of their physical and mental health. Part of this entails being proactive about your health and getting the tests and treatments you need to treat any health conditions you have or may develop in the future. Studies have found that there is a direct link between men’s health and blood testing. Getting regular blood testing can give you a detailed snapshot of your current health.

Keep reading to learn the importance of blood testing for men and how it can benefit your health.

The Importance of Blood Testing for Men

Blood tests can give men a valuable snapshot of your current overall health — whether you’re trying to improve your long-term health, energy levels, or sleep. Plus, you can get valuable insight from blood tests that will identify any potential health risks that could develop into more serious conditions such as:

Early detection of health issues is critical for successful treatment. The sooner you discover potential problems, the sooner it can be treated and stop it from developing into a potentially life-threatening illness.

Common Blood Tests for Men

Blood tests are an integral part of diagnostic and preventive healthcare — they can identify illness and disease in their early, most treatable stages. They can also help you determine a baseline for your health, so you and your provider can refer back to early results to see how your overall health changes in the future.

Here are some essential blood tests for men, to help you keep better track of your health.

·         Lipid panel blood test

·         Fitness panel blood test

·         Comprehensive male panel (CMP) blood test

·         (Thyroid blood test (aka TSH blood test)

·         Iron blood test

·         Kidney function blood test

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