How to Protect Your Kidney from Damage

How to Protect Your Kidney from Damage

The kidneys function to filter waste products and impurities in the blood. These are stored in the bladder and excreted in the form of urine. Additionally, the kidneys work to regulate the body’s pH balance and salt and potassium levels.

Maintaining kidney health is critical to one’s overall health and well-being. Therefore, your GP might request kidney function tests if they diagnose any underlying problems involving your kidneys.

However, specific actions counteract the kidney’s ability to function well. As a result, over time and with continuous transgression, the kidneys start to fail because of damage.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating well is very important to keep the kidneys healthy. But there are specific ways to improve your diet and prevent damaging your kidneys.

  • Consume no more than 2,000mg of salt per day.
  • Avoid having diets with high protein concentrations.
  • Choose foods low in cholesterol and saturated fat levels.
  • Quit smoking.

Additionally, there are ways and activities you can do to prevent overworking your kidney to an extent. Excessive weight increases kidney stress because of raised blood pressure and an increased risk of developing diabetes.

The only way to keep an ideal weight is to exercise. Sweating it out is beneficial not only for your kidneys but your general wellness. It improves your mood and controls your blood pressure.

If you have chronic kidney disease or were diagnosed with an existing condition, home kidney tests are necessary to help you regulate your lifestyle and make sure you get access to a quick and easy kidney function testing.

Seek Advice from Your Doctors

A kidney function blood test in Carshalton will help rule out any problems involving this critical body part. It is always critical to listen to your attending physician on how you can take care of your kidneys to prevent further aggravation of any existing condition.

If you have diabetes, it is critical to control sugar intake because it leads to complications involving the heart and blood vessels. Also, watch your BP levels because it overworks your kidneys.

Always get the advice of professionals before taking any medications. Over-the-counter drugs, including anti-inflammatory meds, burden the kidneys. If your GP suspects something’s wrong with your kidneys, they will recommend a kidney function blood test to dismiss any possible issues with your excretory system.